Siftables Intelligent Blocks Look Like the Future of Interactive UI…

Shown off at the 2009 TED conference (aka Mosquito Madness), these Siftables blocks are location aware, motion sensitive, touch interactive and work with other blocks to take on a variety of functions. » 2/20/09 5:25pm 2/20/09 5:25pm

MIT Media Lab's Siftables Are Cool, But Ultimately Useless

These Siftables from MIT Media Labs are small Post It-sized displays with processing power built in, allowing it to communicate with other Siftables as well as detect motion and proximity. You'll have to see what that means in the video, as they have different examples of shaking these Siftables, connecting them… » 3/15/08 8:30pm 3/15/08 8:30pm