The Haptic Tech That Could Let You Touch The Person You're Skyping With

I was skeptical. Two cubes sat side-by-side, looking like stripped-down 3D printers. I sat in front of one as instructed, and reached my hand inside, toward a floating disembodied finger. Just at the moment I knew I’d stab through the illusion, I had the ultimate “E.T. phone home” moment—I swear I could feel the other… »8/12/15 4:20pm8/12/15 4:20pm

This Clever Carpet "Printer" Brushes Pictures Onto Your Rugs

You know that incredibly satisfying feeling of seeing a freshly vacuumed carpet with the fibers all perfectly upright and unmarred by footprints? Designer Yuta Sugiura has found a way to take advantage of that effect to print detailed images on a rug or carpeting using a handheld machine he developed and built. »8/15/14 11:10am8/15/14 11:10am

Disney Developed Software To Revolutionize Macy's Parade Balloons

The reason your favorite cartoon or movie character hasn't appeared in Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade isn't necessarily because they're not popular, it might be that crafting an inflatable likeness has just been too difficult. But to ensure no fad gets left out, the folks at Disney Research have developed… »8/11/14 10:44am8/11/14 10:44am

Microsoft Has Invented a Way To Embed Data in 3D Printed Objects

Say you have a 3D-printed item you're selling. Maybe you slap a barcode on it that identifies what it is, where it came from, and how much it costs. However, Microsoft has developed a new technology called InfaStructs that offers a better alternative. With it, you could embed information directly inside of an item. »7/26/13 12:40pm7/26/13 12:40pm

A Revolutionary All-Seeing Camera Lens That Puts the Lytro To Shame

It hasn't exactly been a runaway hit with consumers, but on a technical level the Lytro camera introduced some brilliant innovation to the world of digital photography. Its revolutionary optics capture an almost infinite depth of field letting you adjust focus to whatever's in the frame when you're post-processing.… »7/19/13 10:21am7/19/13 10:21am

A Sneak Peek At the Mind-Boggling Future of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics have come a long way since a T-Rex ate that lawyer in Jurassic Park. But if these glimpses of what the next generation of CG has in store, we ain't seen nothing yet. Cloth simulations with hyper-realistic wrinkling, modelling complex human hair using thermal imaging, and new approaches to smoke… »11/28/12 11:29am11/28/12 11:29am

Flash Memory Capable of Playing More Than a Few Movies at a Time

Last week's annual SIGGRAPH conference was, as usual, a place where dazzling visual displays were commonplace. But solid-state storage firm Fusion-io's demo of an ultra-efficient drive took was perhaps a bit overstimulating, playing 2,000 DVD-quality movies simultaneously. Eyedrops recommended. [Fusion-io via Core77]
»8/03/10 5:41pm8/03/10 5:41pm

Scientists Work Out Way to Capture 3D Texture Info in a Flash

Click to view »8/27/08 10:00am8/27/08 10:00amSome scientists at University of Manchester in the UK and Dolby Canada in Vancouver have worked out a way to capture 3D info of complex-textured objects really simply with a camera flash. You should care about this because it's likely to make the textures applied to characters and objects in computer…

Microsoft's "Unwrap Mosaics" Add Mustaches (and More) to Video

Imagine being able to put a handlebar mustache on Grandma in a home video as easily as you could with Photoshop and a digital image. Microsoft showed off new technology called "Unwrap Mosaics" at the SIGGRAPH trade show in Los Angeles that could make this dream a reality without the need for fancy professional… »8/12/08 5:30pm8/12/08 5:30pm

Bouncing Star Glowing Smart Ball Ushers In the Tron Age of Sports

Forget Beijing—the future of sports is appearing at SIGGRAPH 2008 in LA. This softball-sized Bouncing Star rubber ball has a cluster of full-color LEDS, an infrared transceiver and an accelerometer under its impact-friendly shell. By combining these components, the ball can create bright interactive games that you… »8/12/08 3:08pm8/12/08 3:08pm

Fastest Graphics Card Alive ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Gets Official Tomorrow

ATI's Nvidia-slaying Radeon HD 4870 X2, previewed last month, will get official tomorrow at SIGGRAPH says the WSJ, who notes that some reviewers are calling it the most powerful card around. It's an interesting test of ATI's graphics card strategy: Cheaper, less power-hungry GPUs that can be easily strapped together… »8/11/08 9:00pm8/11/08 9:00pm

Spellbinder Makes Invisible Artwork Appear When You Take a Picture

Say you're in Europe, standing in front of some medieval castle. You take a picture of it with your cameraphone and send it via MMS to Spellbinder. Soon you get a message back with your shot, only now there's a giant green fire-breathing dragon guarding the castle's gate. There are no elves in a sweatshop, magically… »8/10/07 6:10pm8/10/07 6:10pm