Safe Turn Keeps Cyclists From Getting Killed (Athough This Guy Probably Won't Make It)

Basically, Safe Turn is a wrist-mounted indicator light that automatically flickers to life whenever a cyclist raises his/her arm to signal a turn. In order to prevent the device from lighting during normal actions, like reaching for a water bottle or scratching the nose or ass, the device incorporates a "delayed… »1/22/08 6:30pm1/22/08 6:30pm

SignalMap Compares Cellphone Reception Signal Where You Live

Signalmap is a neat webapp that lets you punch in your zip code and your cellphone provider and see how the reception is where you live. Not only can you use it to gauge where the best place is to make your call, you can compare the four big providers so you can see which one is best suited for you (based on your home… »8/03/07 4:45pm8/03/07 4:45pm