Quantenna Chips Boosts Wi-Fi Coverage In Every Corner Of Your Castle

My parents live in a pretty big house—well, at least it seems »10/14/08 4:30am10/14/08 4:30am big if you've spent the last five years living in various closets in New York. One of the most annoying things about occasionally blogging from there is that sometimes, depending on where you are in the big house, the wireless connection will crap out…

Mogo Wireless Announces New Portable Cellular Signal Booster

Mogo Wireless has announced a new cellular amplifier that helps users avoid bad signals and dropped calls in areas where service is lacking. The device promises a 10x signal boost using a device that can be plugged into a car power supply or into a laptop via USB. There is also an optional 12V to 110 adaptor accessory… »1/03/08 8:00pm1/03/08 8:00pm