44% Of All Twitter Accounts Have Yet To Send A Tweet

A new report from Twopcharts has found that 44% of the world's Twitter accounts have yet to send a Tweet. With approximately 974 million Twitter accounts, that's an awful lot of dead air. As the Wall Street Journal points out, however, this could mean that people, scammers, or bots simply signed up for an account and… »4/13/14 11:30am4/13/14 11:30am

UK Trains Get Quieter As Window Film Blocks Cellphone Signals

UK train operator C2C has taken the neat step of actually enforcing »10/29/08 3:15pm10/29/08 3:15pm its "quiet zone" train carriages with a system than blocks cellphone signals. It's a technique borrowed from the defense industry where a transparent conductive film is placed over windows to stop electronic signals from sensitive equipment "leaking"…

Silent Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Good Vibrations, Smooths Roommate Relations

Back when I was in college, one of my most frustrating experiences involved a roommate in my dormitory apartment who mistakenly believed that she would be able to wake up daily for her 8:30am lecture series. Said roommate could sleep through an elephant parade. Oh how I seethed in the mornings as I clutched my pillow… »8/16/08 7:00pm8/16/08 7:00pm