This is how San Francisco sounded just before getting destroyed in 1906

Hardscrabble Pictures added sound to this old black and white silent film of San Francisco's Market Street in April 14, 1906, just four days before the big earthquake that destroyed 80 percent of the city. It's really wonderful—put on your headphones and listen to the calm before the storm. » 1/17/14 5:27am 1/17/14 5:27am

Most of Hollywood's Silent Films Are Lost and Gone Forever

There may be a recent resurgence of interest in silent film (thanks in no small part to the success of The Artist), but anyone looking to get into the art form is in for a rude awakening. Of the nearly 11,000 movies made in the pre-talkie, golden age of silent film, 70 percent has been lost and gone forever. » 12/04/13 12:45pm 12/04/13 12:45pm