These Silicon Strips Could Make Computers Way, Way Faster

It may not look much, but this tiny piece of etched silicon could make our computers way faster. Designed to split and direct light, it could allow computers to trade electrons for photons—and gain a jump in speed in the process. » 12/04/14 5:15am 12/04/14 5:15am

It may look like some very heavy pharmacy branding, but this in fact a piece of silicon, etched to create tiny crosses just 100 microns in size. The resulting surface can absorb virtually all the terahertz radiation you throw at it. [Advanced Optical Materials] » 11/07/14 7:00am 11/07/14 7:00am

This Tiny 3G Chip Will Pump the Internet Into Anything

It might not look much, but this is the world's smallest 3G chip—and it could help bring Internet connectivity to even the tiniest of devices. » 9/29/14 8:35am 9/29/14 8:35am

A New Kind of Chip Could Make Wearables Last Way Longer on a Charge

Smartwatches, Google Glass, even humble fitness trackers: all great, apart from the fact that the batteries last for what seems like minutes. But now, a new kind of low-power processor could change that. » 8/27/14 7:27am 8/27/14 7:27am

A Crash Course in Transistors, Processors and Moore's Law

Do you sometimes wonder what the hell people a talking about when the discuss transistors, processors, binary or Moore's Law? Or have friends that need a simple introduction to the topics? Then this is the video for you. » 7/14/14 6:20am 7/14/14 6:20am

Carbon Nanotube Transistors That'll Save Moore's Law Are Coming in 2020

Our world of amazingly tiny electronics is about to get even tinier. After a decade of research, IBM says it'll bring carbon nanotube transistors to market by 2020. The company is now readying the technology to take over from silicon transistors, and that opens up a lot of exciting doors. » 7/01/14 10:26am 7/01/14 10:26am

Intel's New Broadwell Processor Could Make Your Next Ultrabook Silent

Intel has just announced a new reference PC design that uses its upcoming Broadwell
chipset. Usually, that wouldn't get us excited—but this concept ushers in the prospect of silent ultrabooks and MacBook Airs. » 6/03/14 7:00am 6/03/14 7:00am

This Brain-Inspired Microchip Is 9,000 Times Faster Than a Normal PC

You're looking at Neurogrid: a slab of silicon inspired by the human brain, which is 9,000 times faster than a normal computer brain simulator and uses way less energy to boot. » 4/29/14 8:38am 4/29/14 8:38am

This Sheet of Space-Bound Silicon Contains 1.75 Billion Transistors

This single 8 inch-diameter sheet of silicon is etched with 35 replicas of five different chips, each one destined to be sent into space. » 2/27/14 8:30am 2/27/14 8:30am

Pomegranate-Inspired Batteries Hold 10x The Juice

A team of Stanford scientists recently made a breakthrough. After years of trying to create a new generation of lithium-ion batteries that use energy-efficient silicon to hold a charge, they found the secret to the winning design in an unlikely place: pomegranates. » 2/17/14 3:00pm 2/17/14 3:00pm

AMD Will Run Android and Windows on the Same PC, Too

Yesterday, Intel announced its plans to run Android and Windows on the same PC in perfect harmony. Now, it seems AMD has the exact same plan. » 1/07/14 3:55am 1/07/14 3:55am

Qualcomm's New Snapdragon Chips Will Power TVs and Cars, Not Your Phone

Snapdragon's latest hunks of speedy silicon aren't destined for your telephone or tablet. No, instead, new tweaks made to the Snapdragon 600 and 800 will power your connected car and home theater, respectively, instead. » 1/06/14 8:01am 1/06/14 8:01am

Nvidia took to the fields to help publicize its new Tegra K1 chip, its first with a staggering 192 CUDA cores. The result is this deliciously geeky crop circle, cut into a field two hours south of San Francisco. [Nvidia] » 1/06/14 4:34am 1/06/14 4:34am

Intel Is About to Start Making ARM Chips

It at first you don't succeed, join forces with people that do things better than you. At least, that's what Intel is doing, as it starts producing ARM chips at its fabrication plants. » 10/30/13 5:32am 10/30/13 5:32am

This Graphene-Coated Silicon Power Cell Signals a Battery-Free Future

Imagine a future without batteries. But in the same future, your cell phone charges in minutes and stays charged for weeks. Thanks to the world's first silicon power cell, this future might not be so far away—and graphene is helping us get there. » 10/25/13 3:21pm 10/25/13 3:21pm

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer: The Hyper-Efficient Future Is Here

Coming just a year after the creation of the first carbon nanotube computer chip, scientists have just built the very first actual computer with a central processor centered entirely around carbon nanotubes. Which means the future of electronics just got tinier, more efficient, and a whole lot faster. » 9/25/13 6:20pm 9/25/13 6:20pm

iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We've already seen inside the iPhone 5S and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast—but now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone. » 9/24/13 8:27am 9/24/13 8:27am

The First Flexible Silicon Paper Could Revolutionize Mobile Gadgets

Imagine a smartphone you can roll up and slip into your shirt pocket. Or a tablet that can be folded like a newspaper and slipped in your back pocket. It's an idea that's been tossed around in science fiction for a years, but now it's a small step closer to reality because researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in… » 9/19/13 10:10am 9/19/13 10:10am

Intel Has Made a Processor That's Powered By Wine

The Intel Developer Forum is coming to an end, meaning its execs get to go wild and show some of the oddball concepts under way at the tech giant. These include a processor so efficient it can pull all the energy it needs to run from a glass of red wine. » 9/16/13 5:31am 9/16/13 5:31am

Samsung: Our Next-Gen Phones WIll Have 64-Bit Processors, Too

Not be outdone by Apple, Samsung has swiftly reacted to the announcement of Cook & Co.'s new 64-bit A7 processor by announcing that its next slew of phones will pack similar silicon, thank you very much. » 9/12/13 3:31am 9/12/13 3:31am