You Can Actually Watch Pied Piper's Condor Cam Live Stream 

Want to see the miracles of nature happen right before your eyes? Thanks to the innovative technology brought to you by the new Silicon Valley startup Pied Piper, you can watch a condor egg hatch deep in the Carmel Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Preserve. DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT PIED… »6/10/15 4:00pm6/10/15 4:00pm

Art Imitates Life, Silicon Valley Imitates

I didn’t get to watch Silicon Valley’s “Binding Arbitration” until this afternoon because of WWDC, so apologies for the late post. In the penultimate episode, we’re treated to some solid courtroom drama, Jared quoting Hitler, and a plotline should ring a thousand bells for anyone who read Gizmodo five years ago. »6/08/15 7:45pm6/08/15 7:45pm

Google's Denied HQ Plans Tried to Cockblock LinkedIn From Expanding

Much of the news in the “space race” for Silicon Valley dominance has focused on the Big Three: Google, Apple, and Facebook have all been competing to build Imperial Star Destroyer-size new HQs. But now we learn that LinkedIn also has big plans to grow its campus. And a failed land-grab by Google almost stopped it. »5/06/15 7:00pm5/06/15 7:00pm

Welcome To BusinessTown, the Children's Book Version of Silicon Valley 

In your recent internet wanderings you might have spotted a few residents of BusinessTown, the industrious anthropomorphic animals who look strikingly similar to the ones from your favorite childhood picture book—except these creatures are digital strategy “intrapreneurs” who give TED Talks on how nanobots will end… »5/06/15 1:50pm5/06/15 1:50pm