Toy Modder Extraordinaire Steampunks Return of the Jedi

Some of you may be suffering from Steampunk fatigue, but I still get giddy when I see it done up right. Master toy modder Sillof » 10/10/08 3:10am 10/10/08 3:10am, whose we've a couple times before, has tickled my fancy with an update to his action figure line. This time you've got even more detailed Steamtroopers, a mob boss-like Jabba the Hutt,…

Toy Modder Puts Eclectic Spin On All Your Favorite Action Heroes

Action figure customizer Sillof has made everything from steampunk versions of Ironman to Star Wars characters circa World War II. We've featured his sets several times on this site, but what we've covered are only bits and pieces of an amazing body of work. The master model maker himself gives us the goods on why, and … » 4/19/08 8:30pm 4/19/08 8:30pm

WWII Star Wars Action Figures

Action figure customizer extraordinaire Sillof is at it again, following up his Steampunk Star Wars collection with a World War II themed line of figurines. Choice pieces include Han Solo in a bomber jacket, holding a German Mauser (which incidentally was the base for the prop used in the Star Wars movies) and a… » 4/12/08 5:41pm 4/12/08 5:41pm