Netflix Watch Instantly for Mac Now Live (for Beta Users)

As we reported last Sunday, Netflix Watch Instantly »11/02/08 4:30pm11/02/08 4:30pm was "coming soon" for Mac users. Well, coming soon is today, dear readers. If you're into being a beta user, head over to Netflix to , and give her a try. Of course, there are a few things to understand before you start streaming. You'll need to download Microsoft's…

Skyfire Mobile Browser Now Supports Microsoft Silverlight (Plus 100 More Beta Codes)

While it's long supported Flash »8/16/08 3:15pm8/16/08 3:15pm, the Skyfire mobile browser now plays nice with Microsoft Silverlight-basically, Microsoft's version of Flash, which is what you'll need to watch streaming video at the NBC Olympics site. Meaning yes, on your S60 or Windows Mobile phone if you're stuck in traffic or something. If…

Hi Ho Silverlight? Microsoft Windows Mobile Gets PDF and Flash Friendly

Microsoft just signed a deal to license Adobe's Flash Lite and Reader PDF formats for Windows Mobile. There's no word yet on when this will appear in the operating system itself, but it's a nice show of openness. It also means two things:
1) Microsoft's Flash competitor, Silverlight, may not be cutting the mustard,… »3/17/08 9:22am3/17/08 9:22am

NBC To Put 3,600 Hours of 2008 Olympic Games on MSN (in Silverlight)

In his CES keynote tonight, Bill Gates (and Bob Costas) announced that NBC would broadcast 3,600 hours of games from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics via MSN on the site. The video will be both live and on demand, with over 30 simultaneous live broadcasts. The cool thing is that finally, people who… »1/06/08 10:20pm1/06/08 10:20pm

Microsoft Silverlight Pits High Def WMV Against Flash For Web Streaming

Seeing as the rise of YouTube and Google video has pretty much made Adobe's Flash the de facto standard for Web streaming, you'd have to be a fool to try and introduce a browser plug-in for a new format. Either a fool, or a company with deep pockets. How deep? Try "This is madness! This is Sparta!" deep. Yeah, it's… »4/16/07 10:00am4/16/07 10:00am