Intel Silverthorne UMPCs Are Dreamy Goodness

With Intel's new Silverthorne processor, we can expect a whole new line of smaller, faster and more power efficient UMPCs...many of which we spotted today. We groped models from Aigo (a touchscreen slider with 3MP camera), Clarion (nonworking but small), Lenovo and Toshiba (a blingtastic but a bit slow). A mixture of… » 1/06/08 10:40pm 1/06/08 10:40pm

Rumor: Apple Hopping on Board with Intel's Ultra-Mobile Platform

According to AppleInsider, Apple plans to adopt Intel's ultra-mobile PC platform for a new generation of portable devices. Rumor has it that Apple has decided to use Intel's upcoming 45-nanometer "Silverthorne" chip in multiple new devices in 2008, with the most likely candidates being a next-gen iPhone and a UMPC. » 12/21/07 11:17am 12/21/07 11:17am