Intel Reveals All About Atom Processor Range

The detailed specs on Intel's upcoming small'n'cheap Atom processor are now up for grabs. From data released at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, it looks like the first Atom releases will be five different CPUs, destined for a range of portable or "net-top" machines. Each chip has 512kB of on-board L2 caching and… » 4/02/08 7:00am 4/02/08 7:00am

Giz Explains: Why We're Psyched for Silverthorne

Silverthorne is a teeny processor built on the 45nm process (like the much-ballyhooed Penryn), designed for UMPCs, subnotebooks, mystery Apple products and any other smallish gadget that needs real crunching on an ultra-lean power diet. » 2/07/08 11:40am 2/07/08 11:40am

Intel Comments on Rumored Mobile Apple Devices, Adds Fuel to the Fire

We just talked to Uday Keshavdas at the Intel booth here at the Pepcom event at CES, and when we pressed him on Apple's rumored use of their new Silverthorne mobile chipset, he said: » 1/06/08 10:24pm 1/06/08 10:24pm

What's that mean? Beats me, but OMG Apple UMPCs! iPhone 3!

Rumor: Apple Hopping on Board with Intel's Ultra-Mobile Platform

According to AppleInsider, Apple plans to adopt Intel's ultra-mobile PC platform for a new generation of portable devices. Rumor has it that Apple has decided to use Intel's upcoming 45-nanometer "Silverthorne" chip in multiple new devices in 2008, with the most likely candidates being a next-gen iPhone and a UMPC. » 12/21/07 11:17am 12/21/07 11:17am