This Folding Knife and Spork Is Plastic Cutlery Evolved

If there's one downside to a summer spent relaxing at garden parties and backyard barbecues, it's having to dine with disposable plastic cutlery. It's flimsy and it's awkward—and thanks to designer Wei Young, you'd be far better off just bringing this reusable set that folds away so it can hang off a carabiner. » 4/10/14 5:00pm 4/10/14 5:00pm

Victorian Mustache Spoon: Your Nose Neighbor's Best Friend

With the trends of today's disaffected youth being what they are, mustaches have gained an unfortunate affiliation with hipsterdom and its ironic ramifications. This gloriously dignified mustache spoon, however, is a reminder that there was actually a time when your mustache was a symbol of honor and of your manhood. » 1/31/13 12:20pm 1/31/13 12:20pm

Made Somewhere Else: The Last American Silverware Factory Has Closed Up…

Flatware manufacturing had been part of American industry since Colonial times. Now, unable to compete with Chinese manufacturers, the very last American maker of forks, spoons and knives shut down their factory eight months ago, taking away 80 jobs from the small N.Y. town of Sherrill. » 2/15/11 12:40am 2/15/11 12:40am

Side-On Cutlery Makes It Almost Safe to Eat at Your Aunt's Grimy House

The germaphobe in us always freaks out a little bit when we see silverware lying on a bare table, either at someone else's house or a restaurant. (Our own table is a chemical-cleaner-scorched wasteland.) So we hope that eventually all silverware will be like Jens-Martin Skibsted's designs for Side-On Cutlery, which… » 9/14/07 11:51am 9/14/07 11:51am