The NSA Patented Tech That Will Catch You Swapping Sim Cards

Now that it's been over a year since the Snowden leaks, you might've thought that all of the insane NSA revelations had been revealed. Not so! Foreign Policy just published a fascinating and exhaustive list of every patent ever awarded to the spy agency. And one of its latest inventions is all about your SIM card. » 7/30/14 1:45pm 7/30/14 1:45pm

A Wearable SIM Could Let You Use One Number With Any Device

Japanese carrier Docomo has announced an interesting concept design that could change the way we use mobile devices: a wearable that takes the SIM out of your phone and puts it onto your wrist to create an authentication device for all your hardware. » 6/10/14 5:00am 6/10/14 5:00am

Carriers Just Got the New iPhone's Nano-SIM Cards

New Nano-SIM cards—the next-gen standard Apple beat Nokia to—have started arriving at carriers. Which, of course, heralds new iPhones arriving as well. Here's the message that iFun reports came along with these specific T-Mobile Germany cards: » 9/04/12 8:55am 9/04/12 8:55am

Nobody Asked for Smaller 'Nano-SIM' Cards, but They're Coming Anyways

Data, reception, battery, screen, CPU, weight, size. These are the cellphone specs I'm concerned. Smaller SIM cards? Not so much. But Giesecke & Devrient, one of the original SIM manufactuers, thinks we need a nano-SIM that's 30 percent smaller. Great? » 11/11/11 3:00pm 11/11/11 3:00pm

T-Mobile Is Offering Micro SIM Cards So Their Customers Can Use the…

In order to use the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile you have to jailbreak it, unlock it and then annoyingly cut your fatty SIM into a Micro SIM. Annoying! T-Mobile is making it a little easier by giving Micro SIMs to their customers. » 7/22/11 1:18pm 7/22/11 1:18pm

Will Apple Go Around Carriers With a Built-In iPhone SIM?

According to a report at GigaOM, Apple's working on creating a SIM card that will be integrated into the iPhone itself. That means cutting carriers out of the purchasing process, and giving more power to Apple—and the consumer. » 10/27/10 5:20pm 10/27/10 5:20pm

Unlimited and 25MB Data Plans Available at Verizon Wireless Now

This is great news for pre-paid Verizon Wireless customers, with the carrier introducing unlimited and 25MB data options for their SIMs. Available from today in-store (or online on September 28th), the plans will only work with (most of their) 3G smartphones—which makes sense, really. The unlimited plan comes in at… » 9/02/10 2:21pm 9/02/10 2:21pm

Nokia's First Dual-SIM Phones Could Get You In a Load of Trouble

Yesterday, Nokia had zero dual-SIM card phones. Today? Two. The C1-00 and C2 are both low-end candybars that won't offer media-hungry people the phone they were looking for—but they will suit travelers or cheating spouses. » 6/03/10 6:09am 6/03/10 6:09am

Take Your iPad Abroad With MAXroam's iPad 3G MicroSIM

MAXroam's iPad-friendly microSIM will let you take your coffee-shop wankery from Starbucks to streetside cafes in Milan. Their microSIMs cost an extravagant €75/$95 for 50MB of data, but at least you'll be able to tweet smugly from your iPad, right? » 5/14/10 3:49am 5/14/10 3:49am

Japan May Force All Phones to Be Able to Accept Any SIM Card

It's a beautiful dream: buy whatever phone you want and then use it with whatever service you want. And it looks like that's a dream that will come true in Japan. » 3/29/10 5:10pm 3/29/10 5:10pm

SIMFi Transforms Any (SIM) Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

First, the Eye-Fi added Wi-Fi to any camera with an SD card. Now, the Sagem Orga SIMFi does something similar. It's a SIM card that adds Wi-Fi capabilities to cellphones...Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, that is. » 2/12/10 12:35pm 2/12/10 12:35pm

SIMbook Holds Phone Numbers, Addresses on Old-School Paper Format

While SIM cards hold all the stuff address books used to, some people just can't part from that old ink-and-paper. The SIMbook lets people know that you're aware of modern technology, yet you choose to go retro. » 7/21/09 7:00pm 7/21/09 7:00pm

Citizen Engineer Releases a Comic All About SIM Hacking (and Tosses in…

Phil Torrone and Limor Freid of Adafruit Industries have a video project called Citizen Engineer, where they aim to educate and entertain when it comes to various aspects of open source hacking. Now they've released a comic to go with it. » 7/09/09 9:20pm 7/09/09 9:20pm

SIMSense Motion Detecting SIM Card: Drunk Dial Even When You Pass Out

Oberthur Technologies has come up with yet another interesting application of accelerometer technology. Their new SIMSense card is the first motion-sensing SIM card on the planet. » 2/17/09 4:40pm 2/17/09 4:40pm

Sony Vaio P Modded To Accept SIM Cards, 3G via HSDPA Connection

The Vaio P comes with EV-DO hardware, but an enterprising modder has tweaked everyone's favorite makeup compact netbook to accept HSDPA SIM cards too, for 3G connections from AT&T. It's not for beginners, though. » 2/13/09 10:10am 2/13/09 10:10am

His and Her Watch Phones Good for Dick Tracy Fantasy Role Play

Sadly, watch phones still aren't cool, but Dick Tracy called the weekend news desk and approved the heck out of these his and her models from Chinavision » 11/16/08 10:00am 11/16/08 10:00am. Sporting dual SIM cards, these black and pink pieces of geek arm candy do video and music, take pictures, and feature a touchscreen (complete with mini stylus).…

Motorola MING A1800 Comes Out With Both SIM Card Slots Blazin'

A hands on with the new Linux-based MING A1800 from Motorola by the guys at Boy Genius Report has revealed some interesting information. For example, the phone features CDMA, quad-band GSM and dual SIM card slots along with Bluetooth and a 3 megapixel camera. They also claim that the phone felt "sturdy as a rock"… » 3/27/08 8:30pm 3/27/08 8:30pm

Think Geek's SIM Card Backup Gadget Saves Your Contacts

If you've ever had the nightmarish experience of trying to retrieve all your peeps' phone numbers after you lost your phone, you may want Think Geek's SIM card backup gadget. The device has 16KB memory, which is enough to stow away up to 500 numbers. The shiny $15 backerupper can be password protected for added… » 11/16/07 2:30pm 11/16/07 2:30pm

TechFaith Launches "World's First WCDMA/GSM Dual Mode Phone"

China's TechFaith Wireless Communication Company has developed what they are calling the "World's first WCDMA/GSM dual mode phone." The "Twins" phone, as it has been dubbed, allows users the option of loading one WCDMA card and one GSM or loading dual GSM SIM cards. That means it would no longer be necessary to switch… » 11/01/07 9:00pm 11/01/07 9:00pm