You Can Totally Butcher Your SIM Card into a Nano-SIM If You're Insane

So let's say you're really excited to get a new iPhone 5, but unlike the average buyer, you're getting an unlocked one straight from Apple, and you're champing at the bit to bring it to your carrier. Problem: your current micro-SIM won't fit. What to do?! Well you can hack your normal SIM down to size, if you're… » 9/17/12 1:10pm 9/17/12 1:10pm

This Is (Probably) Your Next SIM Card

Over the past few months, Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola have all been getting very worked up over something rather boring: SIM cards. After Apple's attempt to capture the market, there's finally a new proposed design—which might actually find its way into your next phone. » 5/18/12 3:45am 5/18/12 3:45am

A Woman Stole a SIM Card and Racked Up $200,000 Worth of Data Fees

Kylie Monks, a 33-year-old Tasmanian woman, has been jailed for stealing a SIM card and using the hell out of it. How intense was it? Over a 3-month period, she racked up $193,187.43 (AUD) worth of data fees. Monks, to her credit, said she only used the SIM card to check Facebook and download a dozen movies. » 5/03/11 12:20am 5/03/11 12:20am

Sagem Orga Crams AGPS System Aboard SIM Card For Non-GPS Phones

Sagem Orga, in partnership with BlueSky is targeting the array of cellphones (and presumably mobile-internet enabled PCs and such) that currently don't have GPS with this new invention: a SIM card with AGPS aboard. Clever stuff indeed, packing all the chips for a "highly accurate GPS receiver", wiring and antenna into a… » 11/21/08 7:06am 11/21/08 7:06am

Gemalto Converges Two Things You Shouldn't: Adds DVD Track to SIM Card

Now the credit-card sized plastic thing that cellphone SIM units are shipped in can carry the cellphone's associated data files, thanks to Gemalto's DVD-SIM "Smart Video Card." In the name of convergence (and possibly environmental friendliness) the company is making the cards for the Italian operator Wind, where the DVD … » 9/15/08 9:15am 9/15/08 9:15am

iPhone 3G Unlocked with SIM Card Adapter

Click to viewJust four days after its launch, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked for the first time exactly like the original iPhone: using a special card that piggybacks to your SIM card, fooling the phone into thinking it's using an official carrier. While this is not the software unlock being developed by the usual… » 7/15/08 5:40am 7/15/08 5:40am

SIM Card Spy Ear for Nosy Neighbors and Private Eyes

Are you sneaky enough for the SIM Card Spy Gear Remote Listening Device? Just take your SIM card out of your cellphone and stick it in this mysterious black box that's about the size of a bar of soap. Hide the $85 device in an inconspicuous location wherever you want to do your listening, and then when you call your… » 9/27/07 8:30pm 9/27/07 8:30pm