Simon Pegg Writes 1,000 Words on Why He Joined the…

I loathe following celebrities on Twitter, but I make an exception with British actor Simon Pegg. He's classy, funny and knows how to use Twitter correctly—something you only have to look at Courtney Love's Twitter feed to appreciate. Pegg wrote for the New Statesman that he grabbed his Twitter handle early to avoid… » 4/15/11 6:00am 4/15/11 6:00am

Simon Pegg is Worried About What 3D is Doing to the Movie Industry

Echoing the opinions of Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Ebert, Simon Pegg took to Twitter today to voice his opinions on 3D movies. Even 3D porn was under fire: "Could you seriously masturbate knowing you look like the nutty professor?" » 9/28/10 6:30am 9/28/10 6:30am