Didiom Streams Your Entire iTunes Library to Your BlackBerry

The software relationship between RIM and Apple is growing more and more passionate, with third-party companies stoking the the fire that RIM started with its iTunes pairing program, BlackBerry Media Sync »10/30/08 7:44am10/30/08 7:44am. Like for the iPhone, Didiom is an app for virtually any recent BlackBerry that allows for full streaming of a…


The Week in iPhone Apps: Photography, Geography, and Babies, Babies, Babies!

There are literally thousands of apps in the iPhone App Store, with hundreds being added each week. It's hard to keep track. In the same vein as our "iPhone Apps We Like" posts, take a look here at what stood out this week-notable for usefulness, novelty, birthing a child, whatever. Let's spend some iTunes credit. »8/15/08 4:20pm8/15/08 4:20pm

Simplify Media For iPhone Streams Your iTunes Library (Plus 30 Of Your Friends') To Your Phone

The previously jailbreak-only Simplify Media »8/14/08 2:01pm8/14/08 2:01pm has just hit the iTunes App Store, allowing you to stream your entire iTunes music library (plus up to 30 of your friends') to your iPhone. The official app has all the features of the old version, including album art, lyrics and artist bios, plus works over EDGE, 3G and…

Simplify Media Mobile For iPhone Lets You Stream iTunes Libraries Over Wi-Fi

Simplify Media's just released a new version of their Mobile suite for iPhone that lets you stream iTunes libraries from your friends across the internet. It works in much the same way the desktop version does. Load up Simplify Media on a desktop with a library that you want to share, then log into your Simplify… »4/09/08 5:10pm4/09/08 5:10pm