Guy Creates Realistic Photoshop Simulator For the Web

Wow, I am blown away by this! A programmer over at Visual Idiot has created a perfect simulation of Photoshop that runs in your web browser. It's only been tested under Chrome, but it should work in other browsers too. » 1/14/12 10:30am 1/14/12 10:30am

Simroid Trains Future Human Slaves In Robot Dental Hygiene

Its creators claim that Simroid, a next-generation dental patient simulator, has been developed to provide more emotional feedback to dentists in training. But I see the truth here; it's just another way robots are preparing us for their eventual takeover. » 11/24/11 7:00pm 11/24/11 7:00pm

Home Flight Simulator: Fly Without TSA Gropings

Since you never actually leave your living room, the OVO-4 home flight simulator lets you skip all the unpleasantness of modern air travel, while still enjoying the mind numbing boredom of being inside a commercial aircraft for hours at a time. » 11/14/11 9:20am 11/14/11 9:20am

Barco's 360 Degree Flight Simulator Lets Top Guns Train Without the…

That awesome beach volleyball scene aside, Goose's death in Top Gun still makes that film too difficult for me to watch. And I can only assume that avoiding such tragedies through adequate training is what inspired Barco to create this domed simulator that provides pilots with a 360 degree, unobstructed view of their… » 10/13/11 2:40pm 10/13/11 2:40pm

Creating an Audio War Zone to Prepare for the Horrible Sounds of Combat

War is hell on your ears. The thuds of artillery, choppers overhead, screams, constant gunfire—it's a sensory nightmare. So how do you get ready for this sonic brutality? Desensitize yourself in this extremely sophisticated audio war simulator. Kaboom. » 5/11/11 9:00pm 5/11/11 9:00pm

Lexus Shows Its State of the Art Driving Simulator in Action

In a massive warehouse in Higashifuji, Japan, a striking white pod, 56 feet in diameter, is perched atop a mess of machinery. It's the Lexus driving simulator, the most advanced of its kind, and they're finally showing it in action. » 10/12/10 5:20pm 10/12/10 5:20pm

BlackBerry Torch Simulator Available for Developers

RIM has just made available a BlackBerry Torch 9800 simulator for developers looking to test their apps on the latest 'Berry hardware (or anyone interested in tinkering with BlackBerry 6). [BlackBerry via CrackBerry] » 8/03/10 4:27pm 8/03/10 4:27pm

First Official NASA iPhone Game Is Science Fiction

NASA has released their first iPhone game. It's called the NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator and, instead of making me happierer than a kid in a candy store wearing a Batman cape, reading the description makes me sad: » 2/22/10 8:11am 2/22/10 8:11am

$191,000 F1 Car Simulator Costs Way More Than a Sportscar

Every little boy wants to race in the F1 at some point, but does he want to spend $191,500 on a simulator? Cruden's Hexatech simulator can be fully customized for the real F1, NASCAR or WRC experience. » 12/30/09 6:31am 12/30/09 6:31am

Own Your Own Starfleet Shuttle Simulator

A Utah school is selling off its Star Trek-inspired USS Galileo, which means this is your chance to own your very own spaceship simulator. It's perfectly practical! [Auction via io9] » 11/03/09 5:20pm 11/03/09 5:20pm

Perfect Cocaine Simulator Will Never Make It to the iPhone App Store

This is funny because a) it's ultra-realistic and b) it is precisely one of the main uses of the iPhone in many clubs all around the world. And you gotta love their on-your-face sales pitch: » 4/30/09 6:20pm 4/30/09 6:20pm

Man Builds 747 Flight Simulator in His Warehouse, Earns Guinness Record

Flight enthusiast Matthew Sheil has built a 747-400 flight simulator in his Sydney warehouse that can stand up to any $40 million training version—and he did it for under $200,000. » 3/13/09 2:40pm 3/13/09 2:40pm

SkiGym Beats Wii Ski For Realism, Simulated Danger

The SkiGym simulator looks like it's going for realism rather than the silly fun offered by the Wii, but some people probably want an accurate depiction of brief exhilaration before the inevitable faceplant. » 1/03/09 2:45pm 1/03/09 2:45pm

Fight Hurricanes with Gigantic Hurricane Simulators

It's the sort of thing you'd expect ordered by Wile E. Coyote from an ACME catalog. But instead, it's a product for the Hurricane Research Center to prepare for the devastating natural disasters » 7/30/08 3:30pm 7/30/08 3:30pm. Six giant gasoline-powered fans drive winds at well over 100mph in a wall of moving air that's large enough to engulf an…

Mirage 3D DaVinci Driving Simulator Rig Lacks Wheels, Has Passenger Seat

We could only surmise that this "realistic" DaVinci driving simulator from Mirage3D is for teaching this morning. I mean, why else would this thing have a passenger seat? Riding shotgun for a video game? Not when the couch is so comfy, thanks. Then again, this is also the perfect gift for that cousin with a penchant… » 6/28/08 10:00am 6/28/08 10:00am

Avalanche Simulator Ride: The Thrill of Being Crushed By Tons of Snow

The ski resort of Les Deux Alps wants to give visitors a chance to experience what it is like to be caught in an avalanche and learn how to survive without all of that messy "white death" business. The "Robocoaster," as it is called, was the brainchild of of local businessman Marc Dode, who lost a friend in an… » 12/21/07 6:30pm 12/21/07 6:30pm

Virtual Train Simulator For Japanese Kids

Can you imagine what kind of boring life you'd grow up to have if what you played with as a Japanese kid was a virtual commuter train simulator? All you do is go from one commuter stop to the next, picking up other sad sack salarymen, all the while enjoying the sights that is Japan's urban jungle. Makes me want to off… » 8/02/07 2:50pm 8/02/07 2:50pm

VRX Makes The Ultimate Xbox 360 Driving Setup a Reality

Remember the Ultimate Xbox 360 Racing Setup? VRX cuts all of that do-it-yourselfness out of the equation with their VRX Triple Screen Limited Edition 001. Here's what you get. » 6/15/07 4:00pm 6/15/07 4:00pm

Golf Launchpad Cures Those Winter Blues

The Golf Launchpad is a USB golf simulator. Plug it into your PC or Mac, install a little Tiger Woods PGA Tour and hit the links, virtually. This time instead of throwing your club into the lake, you can simply bash it into your wall. The simulator is even capable of analyzing your golf swing to help your… » 11/01/06 4:19pm 11/01/06 4:19pm

Aibo Reborn in Software

Aibo, your candle burned out long before your legend ever did, and Tea Vui Huang is keeping you alive through the magic of warez. Aibo Memories is a controllable Aibo simulator for Symbian Series 60 phones. While the value of this software is very dubious, I suspect Aibo lovers will be wiping a tear from their cheeks… » 2/13/06 1:27pm 2/13/06 1:27pm