Two skyscrapers joined by a bridge that is a swimming pool

Being a huge fan of pools I can't believe I missed this 50-meter-long swimmable bridge between two condo towers in Singapore. Living at the 574-apartment, 38-story-tall Sky Habitat would be my idea of hell, but I'd love to have a friend there to enjoy that roof and swim through that bridge. » 5/14/14 11:40pm 5/14/14 11:40pm

Man Banned From Owning a Camera Phone After Secretly Filming Woman On…

A man in Singapore (where else) has been banned from owning a camera phone for a year after being caught secretly filming a woman in an airport bathroom. Actually, "secretly" is probably a strong word when you consider that the perp, 19-year-old Samuel Ong, simply slid his camera phone under the cubicle door to catch… » 6/11/08 5:10pm 6/11/08 5:10pm

Biggest Flyer In the World Makes Everyone Look Like Ants

This is the view from the biggest flyer in the world, a 492-foot diameter monster located in Singapore, 16 feet bigger than the Star of Nanchang, China, and 98 feet more than the London Eye (which I'm looking at right now, after moving into the city this weekend.) The capsules' interior look straight out of 2001: A… » 6/03/08 11:40am 6/03/08 11:40am