Airbus A380 Interior Too Quiet, Eliminates Precious Privacy

The last bastion of privacy on airplanes is their blanket of white noise, but that may soon vanish: Pilots are complaining that the Airbus A380 jumbo is so quiet, they can't get any rest. » 12/09/08 9:40pm 12/09/08 9:40pm

Singapore Airlines Flights Get iPhone/iPod Docks and 15.4-inch LCDs

Singapore Airlines is installing iPod docks and 15.4-inch widescreen LCDs in their all-Business Class Airbus A340-500 flights between NY/LA and Singapore, ensuring that we're going to be flying with them if we ever have to travel to that part of the world. Each business customer can dock their iPhone or iPod and watch… » 5/15/08 8:00pm 5/15/08 8:00pm

Emirates Air In-Flight Showers Cost $18,000 (Plus Enviro Guilt?)

Starting October 1, if you're flying first class from Dubai to New York on an Emirates Air A380, you'll have the option of grabbing a hot shower midflight. It'll cost you $18,000, but some showers are worth it, am I right? "No!" say those party poopers in the environmental lobby. » 3/25/08 10:02am 3/25/08 10:02am

Sex Not Allowed in Airbus A380 Double Bed Suites

Even though Singapore Airlines has equipped its new A380 jets with private double bed suites, company officials are saying you'd better not do the bouncy bouncy in there or you'll meet with their stern disapproval. What are they going to do? Throw you off the plane? The first couple to book one of the double suites… » 10/29/07 12:45pm 10/29/07 12:45pm

World's Largest Commercial Jet, Airbus A380, Makes Maiden Voyage (Video)

The Airbus A380, the biggest commercial jetliner ever put into production, at long last took its first trip—and it didn't hit any icebergs. Out of a possible 850 travelers, 450 were on board in this seven-hour Singapore Airlines trip from, well, Singapore all the way to Sydney. This means that, today Airbus officially… » 10/25/07 10:27am 10/25/07 10:27am

Just How Big is an Airbus A380?

This magnificent shot by Andrew Hunt, taken with a Nikon D70, shows the huge Airbus A380 decked out in Singapore Airlines livery and crossing a bridge at Changi Airport in Singapore. But look, what's that in front of it on the runway? Why, some airheaded Mac fanboy forgot his MacBook, whose 12.7-inch width is… » 8/24/07 12:00pm 8/24/07 12:00pm