Listen to the awesome cast of The Lion King start singing on a plane

This is either the best flight ever—if it wasn't delayed and you managed to eat and rest beforehand—or the worst flight ever—if you're trying to catch up on sleep and are stuck next to an oversized mouth breather. Still, I'd like to think that most people with a working heart that pumps blood would have a good time… »4/01/14 11:14pm4/01/14 11:14pm

Bring Off-Key Screeching To Your Living Room With This Smartphone Karaoke Machine

Of course your smartphone (or tablet) can handle Karaoke, but you don't want to have to hold a screen while you're rocking out and driving the neighbors insane; you want a microphone, to add to the ridiculous fantasy that you're worth listening to. Enter the AppToyz AppSing, complete with scorpion-like phone holder. »9/16/12 5:00pm9/16/12 5:00pm

Sega's Disco Karaoke Machine Twirls Its Disco Ball, Connects to Cellphones

Two things set this Sega Hitokara karaoke »11/25/08 10:45am11/25/08 10:45am machine apart from the rest: it's connected to a cloud-based database of 43,000 songs via cellphone and it's got a whirling, light-up mirrored disco ball. Ohboyyes. Granted you'd have to be a fan of both karaoke (you strange person) and cheezy disco lighting, but what the…

Little Girl Substituted By Cuter Little Girl In Olympic Opening Ceremony Karaoke

We can understand why the footprint fireworks were digitally faked into the live broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony-because it would have been too dangerous to actually fly a helicopter through those projectiles-but allowing a cuter little girl to karaoke while the originally chosen little girl stood behind the… »8/12/08 5:39pm8/12/08 5:39pm

Sony Rolly on Sale in Japan Sept 29th, comes with Annoying Video

So, Sony's dancing Rolly is finally out today, after all that crazy hype. And I looked at it from all angles, sat through an arse-numbingly too-cool-for-school video &mdash feel free to indulge yourselves below &mdash and thought, do you know what? The egg-shaped dancing MP3 and ATRAC player looks like a small clone… »9/10/07 4:57am9/10/07 4:57am