10 Futurist Phrases And Terms That Are Complete Bullshit

Last month we told you about 20 terms every self-respecting futurist should know, but now it's time to turn our attention to the opposite. Here are 10 pseudofuturist catchphrases and concepts that need to be eliminated from your vocabulary. » 4/17/14 4:39pm Thursday 4:39pm

20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know

We live in an era of accelerating change, when scientific and technological advancements are arriving rapidly. As a result, we are developing a new language to describe our civilization as it evolves. Here are 20 terms and concepts that you'll need to navigate our future. » 3/18/14 8:59am 3/18/14 8:59am

This Animation Makes Stephen Hawking's Ideas Easier to Understand

Stephen Hawking. Theoretical Physicist. Cosmologist. Smart guy. Beyond genius, actually. Hell, very probably the best brain that us humans have right now. But so much of his intelligence is hard to grasp for less wrinkled brains like us. This animation, made by The Guardian as part of its Made Simple series, breaks… » 9/25/13 9:03pm 9/25/13 9:03pm

Singularity University, Where You Major In Immortality

Over the weekend, The New York Times ran a lengthy profile on Singularity University, an incubator for futurists of all stripe founded by tech-visionary Ray Kurzweil. On the exclusive school's curriculum: nanotechnology, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and, of course, immortality. » 6/14/10 10:10am 6/14/10 10:10am

Gadget Singularity: Let's Ditch Our Buttons and Screens Forever

The past decade's march towards better gadgets shows a trend line pointing towards ultra powerful gadgets with UIs so seamless, they make Macs look like a punchcard computers. But if you think about it, we—not hardware—are the limitation. » 11/11/09 6:00pm 11/11/09 6:00pm

Specter of Deadly A.I. Looms In Wake of Invite-Only Asilomar Conference

Science fiction is great fun, but should we really be quaking in our boots over dangerous A.I. anytime soon? A growing number of scientists say yes, and the results of their February conference at Asilomar are finally being made public. » 7/26/09 2:00pm 7/26/09 2:00pm

Halloween Costume Competition: Robots Turn on Humans

From our last post on the matter: With Halloween around the corner, there's one thought that scares us more than any other. It's not Dracula or reanimated corpses. It's not TP'd houses or razor blade candy. It's the day when robots turn on humans in the battle for Earth. And to prep for the event, we're throwing a… » 10/29/08 5:00pm 10/29/08 5:00pm

LHC Webcams Depict Horrifyingly Singular Moment

In case you weren't paranoid enough knowing that there's a 14-mile particle accelerator complete with Black Hole Button » 9/11/08 11:00pm 9/11/08 11:00pm currently operational on this, your most favorite of planets, here's a dose of meta-reality that will make your palms even sweatier, a glimpse of . Once you're sufficiently freaked out, you can share …

Will Microsoft's Midori Project Be a Web-Delivered Windows Replacement?

That's what SD Times » 7/30/08 10:30am 7/30/08 10:30am is claiming, based on "internal Microsoft documents" that give more details on the skunk-works research project currently . The docs supposedly hint at a fleshed out platform for distributed concurrency-which entails moving what used to be core desktop OS functionality into the cloud for a partially …

Microsoft Midori Is a Secret Post-Windows Operating System

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 might just be the salve to soothe Windows Vista ouchies, but what Windows fans really want is something that hasn't yet been announced. Mary-Jo of All About Microsoft says that internally, there's a project called Singularity that's designed to solve all kinds of shortcomings in current… » 7/01/08 3:00pm 7/01/08 3:00pm