Massive Louisiana sinkhole might ignite into a fiery explosion

A sinkhole the size of twenty football fields swallowing trees and swamps—like the one that evacuated Bayou Corne, Louisiana, a year ago—is already terrifying. But what's more scary might be what's happening now: the danger of an exploding sinkhole that will look like the gates of hell. » 11/15/13 7:31pm 11/15/13 7:31pm

Holy Crap, This Giant Sinkhole Swallowed an Entire Building

Imagine standing on the road one day and have a sinkhole swallow you whole. Or imagine sitting in your house and having a giant sinkhole vaporized your entire building. That's what happened in China. Two buildings in Guangzhou, China tumbled straight into a giant sinkhole as the ground below them disappeared.… » 1/31/13 9:00pm 1/31/13 9:00pm