The 7 Companies Microsoft Won't Let Its Ex-Windows Chief Work For

Late last year, Microsoft booted out booted out its head of Windows, Steve Sinofsky. Now, a few more details have come out about his departure—including who Microsoft have banned him from working for. » 7/31/13 3:39am 7/31/13 3:39am

Report: Steve Ballmer Fired Steven Sinofsky

When Steven Sinofsky's departure from Microsoft came out, it was framed by Microsoft in a way that implied he might have just left, or that that was at least a possibility. Now, ExtremeTech is reporting that was not the case; Sinofsky was straight-up fired by Ballmer. » 11/19/12 1:32pm 11/19/12 1:32pm

Sinofsky Says He Didn't Quit Microsoft Over Windows Phone

We all got quite a shock earlier this week when Windows chief Steven Sinofsky departed Microsoft just short while after the launch of Windows 8. Reports indicate that Sinofsky was getting into many internal executive battles. Well, he's taken to the comments section of blog to quash some of the rumors. » 11/15/12 9:31am 11/15/12 9:31am

Meet the Next CEO of Microsoft: Steven Sinofsky Is the Heir Apparent

It was summer 2009. Microsoft had just shipped the final code for Windows 7 to PC manufacturers, who had begun burning it onto the tens of millions of new computers that would ship that Christmas. » 2/29/12 6:20pm 2/29/12 6:20pm

Windows Software Guru Now President of the Whole Windows Business

Steven Sinofsky, the amazingly competent dude at the helm of Windows 7 software development, has just been named president of the whole Windows division. He basically assumes the managerial duties of Bill Veghte, who was overseeing the business side. » 7/08/09 7:13pm 7/08/09 7:13pm