gHome Replaces Your Landline with Google Voice for Only $5 a Month

Replacing your landline with Google Voice is light years mo' better than paying monthly dues to a telco, we already know that. But there's always been a certain tradeoff in whether you're paying too much money or doing too much work for a Google Voice landline. gHome is a $5/month service (cheap!) that is easy to… »3/08/11 4:36pm3/08/11 4:36pm


UTStarcom F3000 WiFi VoIP Phone Works With SIP, Not Skype

The UTStarcom F3000 WiFi Phone doesn't work on Skype, but it does the next best thing, SIP. It supports SDP, RTP/RTCP, RFC2833/inband DTMF, and supports the G.711 and G.729 codecs. Both these codecs are higher quality codecs than standard landline phones, which means there's actually a benefit in using VoIP other than… »9/06/06 3:00am9/06/06 3:00am