Virgin Galactic Rocket Blasts Off for the First Time

The hybrid Nitrous Oxide rocket that will take SpaceShipTwo to 65 miles above the Earth at 2500mph (YES!) has fired off for the first time in the southern California desert. Founder, adventurer and cool-guy-at-large Sir Richard Branson is happy: » 5/28/09 7:00pm 5/28/09 7:00pm

Sir Richard Branson Claims He and Larry Page are Working Together

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, who hosted Larry Page's storm-tossed nuptials on his Caribbean island, Necker, last year, says that he and the two Google founders are working on a project together. According to a diary item in a British newspaper, the British tycoon and the two search engine billionaires are working… » 1/04/08 5:05am 1/04/08 5:05am