Party-A-Cargo Brings the Bro-Down to Wherever Your Truck Can Park

Hey dudebro, looking to take a bro-dtrip but afraid you'll make the ultimate braux-pas: not bringing enough beer and having a totally whack sound system? Chill out man, Party-A-Cargo's got your back with its tow hitch mounted kegerator. The Party-A-Cargo Ultimate can store up to 160 glasses of beer and contains a… »6/29/08 10:00am6/29/08 10:00am

XM and Sirius Promise Cheaper A La Carte Offerings if Merger Deal is Approved

Picking and choosing your favorite stations on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio might be a delightful result of the merger between the two companies, at least that's what the companies are saying will happen if their proposed deal goes through the FCC gauntlet. That's just the beginning, too, because the companies add… »7/23/07 1:15pm7/23/07 1:15pm

Coolness Roundup to Premiere on Sirius Satellite Radio Tonight

Don't miss the big satellite radio debut of the Coolness Roundup, the weekly gadget program which we like to call "the tech show for everyone." My gizmo-obsessed buddy Stephen Schleicher and I have been doing the half-hour show as a podcast for a year and a half, and now it's been picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio… »1/04/07 2:00pm1/04/07 2:00pm