PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 Tech Exactly the Same as DualShock 2 Tech

We asked you yesterday whether you were happy or annoyed that rumble is back on the DualShock 3 for the PS3, but this new revelation may change your answer. GameDaily BIZ confirmed with SCEA that the rumble technology in the DualShock 3 is exactly the same as the on in the DualShock 2, and doesn't take advantage of… »9/21/07 2:50pm9/21/07 2:50pm

Are you Happy or Annoyed Rumble is Back on the PS3 Dual Shock?

KSo last night, in Tokyo, Sony announced the long rumored PS3 controller with rumble. Considering the rechargeable batteries, wireless and rumble function, a pair of these is going to be about $100, you know? Is it better that they took it away and gave it back? Or should they have left it dead? Will someone make a… »9/20/07 5:55pm9/20/07 5:55pm

Sony Sends SIXAXIS Prototype to Developers, Doesn't Have Rumble

Sony's been passing out a slightly tweaked SIXAXIS controller to developers to work into their upcoming games. The good news is these SIXAXIS+ controllers have better motion sensing. The bad news is they don't have rumble. Sony says this is just the natural evolution of controller development. Everyone else says give… »8/06/07 3:00pm8/06/07 3:00pm

Sony PS2/PSP Patent, Portable Gaming Less on Portable, More on Gaming

A Sony patent has just been unearthed for a device that combines the PSP with a Dual Shock PS2 controller, allowing for better, more comfortable control when playing the PSP. The connection could be wired or wireless, the PSP could be tilted for viewing angle and an external processing unit could even add additional… »7/27/07 11:00am7/27/07 11:00am

Nyko Blu-Wave IR Remote Control for Playstation 3 a Welcome Sight

Playstation 3 owners: Fiddle with that programmable monster remote no longer. Nyko is here to save you the hassle with the Blu-Wave IR remote control, a simple USB/remote solution that will let you control DVD playback in a more traditional way rather than with the Sixaxis, Sony's official Playstation 3 controller.… »7/02/07 3:59pm7/02/07 3:59pm