Biggest Airplane Model in the World Eaten by Biggest Cargo Aircraft

This is an Airbus A380 »8/06/08 8:00am8/06/08 8:00am-the largest passenger aircraft in the world-eaten alive by an Antonov AN-124-the largest mass-produced cargo airplane in the world (which I at Dubai's airport). Before you exclaim "Photoshop!", this a real photo by . However, it's a real A380: it's a 1/3 scale model, which makes it the…

Smartparts Shows Giant 32-Inch Digital Picture Frame

We've seen big digital picture frames before, but Smartparts takes the prize for biggest one yet: a 32-inch digital picture frame that'll be rolling out at CES 2008. The 16:9 LCD panel has a resolution of 1366x768, which might look pretty good if you don't get too close. It has another neat twist, the ability to feed… »1/03/08 10:00am1/03/08 10:00am