Leaked: T-Mobile Sidekick ID, the Nerfed SK3

The scoop-hunting hounds over at CrunchGear were leaked the first photo and details about the Sidekick ID, which is like a Sidekick 2.5, or a nerfed and cheaper version of the Sidekick 3. It shares a similar form factor with the other SKs, but will possibly lack Bluetooth, the MP3 player, digital camera or microSD… » 3/21/07 1:35pm 3/21/07 1:35pm

Monaco Sidekick 3 Dock: A Little Bit Convenient, A Little Bit Lame

The Monaco Sidekick 3 cradle is convenient because it will charge your SK3 and an extra battery without fumbling with cables, but it is also a little lame because that is all the Monaco dock really does. Sure it includes a USB port to transfer files to your PC, but most syncing with the SK3 is done wireless via… » 1/15/07 11:56am 1/15/07 11:56am