Exclusive: NBA Star Dwyane Wade Talks Gadgets, Sidekick 3

I had a chance to talk to Dwyane Wade, of Miami Heat fame, about his limited edition Sidekick 3 coming out and other info. Jump to learn about why D-Wade designed his Sidekick the way he did, and other goods, including a final decision on the Mac versus PC debate (it is a shocker). » 2/09/07 11:55am 2/09/07 11:55am

Monaco Sidekick 3 Dock: A Little Bit Convenient, A Little Bit Lame

The Monaco Sidekick 3 cradle is convenient because it will charge your SK3 and an extra battery without fumbling with cables, but it is also a little lame because that is all the Monaco dock really does. Sure it includes a USB port to transfer files to your PC, but most syncing with the SK3 is done wireless via… » 1/15/07 11:56am 1/15/07 11:56am

A Little Dom Perignon, Some Diamonds, and a Sidekick 3

Well, it had to happen. The eBay run-up on the Sidekick 3 is now reaching ridonkulous proportions, with some folks paying $4,050 for a hunk of electronics. Heck, I'll bet Sharp, the SK3's manufacturer, paid that much for their R&D—"What should we do?" "Well, let's stick a trackball on there! And make it smaller!" "Score!" » 6/27/06 9:20am 6/27/06 9:20am