Clip Yer Skateboard Onto Yer Bike the Safe Way, Bro

This Skaterack could be a lifesaver, if you think about it—how safe can it be holding onto your skateboard while cycling, or having it on your lap or poking from a backpack? » 8/18/11 7:20am 8/18/11 7:20am

Loop-In Concept Allows Users To Surf on Sidewalks

The Loop-In transportation concept hopes to combine the sensations of surfing and skating in to one device that users can use anywhere. » 7/23/09 10:30pm 7/23/09 10:30pm

Skating Robot 'Swims' on Land

This is the Roller-Walker, a four-legged robot which can either walk conventionally or skate on retractable wheels. At the end of each leg there is a wheel which can turn 90 degrees to act as a foot. On rough surfaces the robot walks, but if it comes across a smoother surface then it swings out its wheels and skates… » 9/04/07 7:44am 9/04/07 7:44am

Look Out, Here Comes the Human Skateboard

We're not getting a whole lot of info on the human skateboard dude here, but just look at the pic. The guy can even flip over on his back and keep rolling. He should market this thing. » 9/28/06 11:13am 9/28/06 11:13am