What it's like being inside an artist's sketch book

I'm imagining this animation by Minhyuk Jang called Rocketboy as a glimpse into the note book from the kid in the back of the classroom. It's a little dark mixed with a lot of imagination and is sketched in a way that reminds me of those outside of the margins doodles that we all made. Only this time, they're moving… »1/03/15 6:54am1/03/15 6:54am


Jim Carrey spoofs McConaughey's ads for Lincoln in hilarious SNL sketch

I genuinely enjoyed Matthew McConaughey's True-Detectivesque ads for Lincoln. But not as much as Jim Carrey's spoof commercials on last Saturday Night Live. Not only they are hilarious, but also Carrey's impression of McConaughey is so perfect that I couldn't take my eyes off him during the whole video. »10/28/14 1:26am10/28/14 1:26am

MIT, Sony Turn Hand Sketches Into Physics-ready Systems (With Videos)

We're pretty sure these two pieces of software were developed separately, but both MIT and Sony have come up with a way to take hand-drawn sketches and turn them into little worlds with embedded physics engines. Sony's uses their PS Eye to take either hand-drawn objects or just stuff they have laying on top of a… »12/26/07 4:30pm12/26/07 4:30pm