The Endangered Art of Product Design Sketching, Explained By the Pros 

When it comes to design, nothing beats a model. But it's also hard to overstate the importance of being able to draw while you develop an idea--whether by hand or by computer. In a new book out in December, two of the best discuss the fine art of, well, art. » 1/08/15 5:09pm 1/08/15 5:09pm

Sketch-Scanning Software Can Decipher Your Crappy Drawing

Next time you're stuck for someone to play Pictionary with, don't despair. Now you can always get a game against a computer and, reassuringly, you'll probably win. » 9/14/12 9:01am 9/14/12 9:01am

Draft App Sends iPad Sketches (and Tomfoolery) Directly To Campfire

If you collaborate with people over the internet professionally, you're probably familiar with Campfire, an excellent, productivity-boosting group chat service by 37 Signals. Their new iPad app, Draft, lets you upload iPad sketches to your Campfire rooms instantly. Goodbye, productivity! » 6/23/10 8:40pm 6/23/10 8:40pm