The New Materials That Are Revolutionizing Helmet Safety Right Now

Modern helmet construction hasn't changed significantly since the adoption of styrofoam impact absorption in the 1960s. But new materials and construction methods are improving safety, in some cases absorbing 30 percent more energy than their styrofoam equivalents. And you can buy helmets made from them today. » 3/18/15 6:26pm 3/18/15 6:26pm

My First Time On The Slopes In 16 Years, I Skied The Backcountry 

I haven't been skiing since the late '90s. So, for my first time back, a trip out of bounds through the backcountry outside Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was a safe, practical thing to do, right? » 3/13/15 4:53pm 3/13/15 4:53pm

How To Survive An Avalanche

Want to have fun in the snow outside a ski resort? Then avalanches are going to be a huge risk. 35 people were killed by them in the US last winter alone. But, with a little preparation, a few gadgets and some basic knowhow, they can be survivable. » 3/13/15 12:21pm 3/13/15 12:21pm

The insane skills of one of the world's best acrobatic skiers 

French profesional skier Candide Thovex made this great point of view video showing his insane ski skills. The video starts with him taking a shower at home and ends with him locked in an elevator confronted by a crowd of angry skiers. You don't want to miss what happens in between. » 1/16/15 10:58pm 1/16/15 10:58pm

Beautiful short about a lone dog will fill your heart with joy

This is a day in the life of Conga, a dog that loves the snow-covered mountains of Bariloche, Argentina. And when I say love, I really mean love. The energy and happiness of this creature are contagious. I want to do like Santiago Guzman, who followed her like in a real life Adventure Time episode. A joyous film. » 12/17/14 11:09pm 12/17/14 11:09pm

Daredevil skier rides an avalanche, flies off a cliff

Watch this spectacular video of speedrider David Bozon skiing near the edge of a cliff in Charmonix, France, and then taking a leap off to ride the avalanche he just provoked. » 12/12/14 7:30pm 12/12/14 7:30pm

Skiing over Hawaii waves looks like a lot of fun

Skiing in Hawaii. Impossible you say? No if you have big enough waves and special skis made for water. Watch German professional skier and entrepreneur Willy Bogner do it. Fun factoid: According to his Facebook, Bogner has participated in four James Bond ski sequences and many other films. » 10/03/14 10:30pm 10/03/14 10:30pm

This skier must be a wizard or use anti-gravity skis

This guy's name is Adam Delorme, although I will just go ahead and call him Darth Delorme. Or His Wizardness Lord Delorme of Snow. He can go by either name. Like the rest of the skiers in the documentary Less, his skiing seems more like an act of magic than actual skiing. At one point I thought it was all CGI. » 7/30/14 12:50am 7/30/14 12:50am

This ski jump makes me feel my stomach drop every single time

I know he has a parachute, but whatever. Every time he goes down the slope and I see the snow ending abruptly, I feel my stomach drop every single time. » 5/05/14 10:15pm 5/05/14 10:15pm

The funny faces of professional skiers when they're racing down a slope

This video is awesome for two reasons. One, because it's awesome to see three-time International Ski Federation overall World Cup winner Marcel Hirscher going down a hill in such detail. The other one: It shows he's human. I thought these guys were like Batman, but just look at his face. » 3/19/14 7:59pm 3/19/14 7:59pm

I just can't believe how insanely crazy this skier is

Watch Mickael Bimboes launching "off a massive cliff in his 3rd place run for the Swatch Freeride World Tour at Aiguille Pourrie, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France." And remember, folks—this guy got the third place. Seriously, watch it all because you are not going to believe how nuts and/or suicidal this dude is. » 3/13/14 8:31pm 3/13/14 8:31pm

Mad skier backflips over a highway—and faceplants against the snow

"A valid attempt at a backflip over the Mount Baker highway," says the author of this jump over a highway in Whatcom County, Washington. Well, at least it wasn't a total failure and you didn't smash your face against the asphalt. » 3/06/14 12:47am 3/06/14 12:47am

Watch a skier zoom through a forest of trees at unreal speeds

If skiing isn't enough of a thrill for you, why not up the ante and zoom through a whole forest? And if that's still not enough for you, why not make it even scarier by going at warp freaking speed? That's what Candide Thovex and Aziz Benkrich did. The GoPro footage from their latest ski run is a thrill ride that… » 12/19/13 8:25pm 12/19/13 8:25pm

Night Skiing with Light Suits Is Like Being in Tron for the Winter

Inspired by night surfers wearing LEDs, Switchback Entertainment made this video for Salomon Freeski TV showing skiers wearing their own light suits. Strapped with EL-wire on their bodies, the skiers slalom down the powder covered mountain like it's The Grid. Awesome. » 10/24/12 8:20pm 10/24/12 8:20pm

A Skier's Helmet Cam Records His Horrific Fall From a Cliff

Armed with a GoPro HD attached to his helmet, Stephen Ager recorded some absolutely stunning views of the top of the world. But it's not all prancing snowflakes and fresh powder because later in the video, Ager loses his footing and tumbles down the wrong side of the cliff. The GoPro HD captures every single moment… » 3/01/11 8:45am 3/01/11 8:45am

Watch the World's Longest Ski Ramp Send a Guy Flying 800 Feet

The Vikersundbakken, a 440-foot record-setting ski ramp, opened this week in southern Norway. It didn't take long for someone to put it to good use: earlier today, 25-year-old ski flyer Johan Remen Evensen set the world record with a mind-boggling 797 foot jump. Good thing he stuck the landing. [Wired] » 2/11/11 8:20pm 2/11/11 8:20pm

Skiing On a Giant Wave Looks Like a Lot of Mad Fun

Who wants to ski over snow when you can ski down a gigantic sea wave? That's what fearless pro freeskier Chuck Patterson asked himself before heading to Jaws, the terrifying wave reef on Maui Island, Hawaii. » 2/09/11 11:36am 2/09/11 11:36am

This Power Plant Blows O's and Doubles As a Ski Slope

The only times I've noticed power plants are when they blow an obnoxious amount of smoke in the air. If I lived in Copenhagen though, I think I would hang out at their power plant. The waste-to-energy plant is called the Big Vortex and the roof of the plant will be used as a ski slope. Seriously, it's part of a… » 2/07/11 8:40pm 2/07/11 8:40pm

Car-Towed Guy Skiing Like a Mad Man Through New York

New York looked like snow zombieland last week, but that didn't stop some crazy people to enjoy the deserted, snow-loaded streets in the middle of the blizzard. This guy got his skis and a car, and had a lot of fun. » 1/03/11 6:00pm 1/03/11 6:00pm