Watch a F-35 fighter jet take off from a ski jump

Here’s the first time an F-35B has taken off from a ski jump. The little boost not only looks cool, like a stunt ramp, but helps the fighter jet take off with a more upward flight path. These type of ski ramps are actually installed on aircraft carriers so it’s important for the, um, troubled (cursed?) aircraft to… » 6/23/15 11:03pm 6/23/15 11:03pm

Where the hell did they put the camera in this awesome ski jump video?

Ski jumping is pretty cool when you watch it from the outside, but check out this short of Anders Jacobsen training in Lillehammer, Norway, filmed with a camera hanging right in front of his face. The perspective in this real-time video is pretty awesome. But where the hell is the camera? » 1/09/14 5:49am 1/09/14 5:49am