In the '60s, Disney Almost Built a Ski Resort in Sequoia National Park

Today, Mineral King Valley is a remote hideaway within California's Sequoia National Park, accessible only by foot-trail or a winding, treacherous automobile road. But in the 1960s this mountain paradise of snowmelt streams, white-fir forests, and hulking granite peaks nearly became home to a massive ski… »2/19/14 11:20am2/19/14 11:20am


Poop Snow on an Ancient Burial Ground: This Can't End Well

If Poltergeist taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't build a house on a Native American burial ground. Obviously the owners of Flagstaff's Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort have never seen that movie because they're literally about to shit all over one, by expanding onto 74 acres of sacred land in the San Francisco… »9/27/12 9:46am9/27/12 9:46am