20 Free OS Games From Last 40 Years Will Make You Go All Nostalgic

Solitaire. 3D Pinball. DONKEY.BAS. Macintosh's Puzzle. These are just some of the games listed in Technologizer's round-up of the best free games included on each operating system since 1971. They're missing SkiFree though, which robbed many of our childhoods. [Technologizer] » 8/02/10 3:02am 8/02/10 3:02am

Legendary Microsoft Game SkiFree Now Free for the iPhone

This news would have made my week if not for one little caveat: "Upcoming Features Include: Snow Monster." It's like a Rolling Stones reunion tour without Keith Richards. [iTunes via SAI] » 3/18/10 9:32am 3/18/10 9:32am