Skin From Human Cadavers Helps Wounds Heal Better 

Scientists have a promising if slightly grisly treatment for wounds: skin from human cadavers stripped of everything but its cells. Sound weird? Let me explain. » 2/06/15 7:07pm 2/06/15 7:07pm

10 Revealing Photos Of Skin

We only think about our skin when something is wrong—it's dry, winkled, or broken out—but our skin is more than a map of our imperfections. It's a record of our lives. » 5/27/14 3:40pm 5/27/14 3:40pm

A Detailed Description of Why Human Skin Is Amazing

As Minute Earth rightly points out, we could avoid a lot of flesh wounds by having thicker armored skin like a pangolin. But the energy needed to generate and maintain that armor wasn't evolutionarily worth it for us to expend because we put so much fuel into our enormous brains. We can think of ways to escape danger… » 10/27/13 5:07pm 10/27/13 5:07pm

What Happens to Your Skin in Space

Thought good old Commander Hadfield already taught you everything there is to know about space livin'? Shame on you—there's always more to learn. Like about how your skin molts and floats off your body in giant flakes and calluses, for instance. » 7/31/13 9:56am 7/31/13 9:56am

Know When It's Time To Retreat Indoors With This Sun and Skin Monitor

Like a nagging parent you can stash away in your pocket, Japan's Design Factory teamed up with the country's national weather service to create this compact UV meter/skin checker that lets you know when it's time to get out of the sun. » 5/29/13 1:40pm 5/29/13 1:40pm

How Sunscreen Works (And Why You're Wrong About It)

Your skin shouldn't look like a package of pork cracklins after spending the day outdoors; that's why we invented sunscreen. However, there's a right way and a wrong way to slather on your protection—screw it up and you could get burned. » 5/21/13 3:25pm 5/21/13 3:25pm

New Artificial Electric Skin Will Let Robots Feel for Real

There are plenty of robot arms out there, but what about robot skin to cover them in? A new kind of piezotronic transistor mesh could make for robotic skin that's as soft supple sensitive as your own is, covered in thousands of tiny mechanical hairs. » 4/27/13 9:20am 4/27/13 9:20am

How to Prevent Running Blisters

Getting blisters on a run is the most annoying of injuries. They hurt. They can keep you sidelined when you're trying to train. They heal slowly. Worst of all: They're not even cool enough to brag about. So let's see how we can prevent them from happening in the first place. » 2/27/13 2:40pm 2/27/13 2:40pm

Why Is This Terrified Woman Exfoliating With a Box Cutter?

The life of a product model isn't easy, particularly when it involves demoing questionable skin care contraptions. Like this so-called sonic cleanser that looks so much like a box cutter that this model appears legitmately scared for her wellbeing. » 8/22/12 12:20pm 8/22/12 12:20pm

Hairy Electronic Skin That Lets Robots Feel

A coating of hairy electronic skin could soon help robots feel the slightest breath of air or detect the faint vibrations of a beating heart. » 8/01/12 5:00am 8/01/12 5:00am

Creepy Aluminum Face Mask Promises a Spa-Like Treatment In the…

So it turns out we actually shouldn't have been feeling sorry for the Man In the Iron Mask. Because during the many years he was held captive and forced to wear that oppressive facepiece, he might have also been getting a spa-quality facial if it worked anything like this bizarre contraption. » 7/21/12 9:00pm 7/21/12 9:00pm

Sunburn Is Your RNA Crying Out in Pain

Sunburn is painful, dangerous and embarrassing. But despite knowing it's the body's protective immune response to high levels of ultraviolet radiation, scientists weren't exactly sure what the biological process behind it was. Turns out that it's your RNA screaming out in pain—a finding which could help sunburn and… » 7/09/12 11:20am 7/09/12 11:20am

Sunscreen Could Be Giving You Skin Cancer

If it's not one thing, it's another. While everybody knows that too much time in the sun massively increases the chances of developing skin cancer, new research suggests that a compound found in most sunscreens may also increase the chances of acquiring melanomas. » 5/08/12 9:12am 5/08/12 9:12am

This Painless Little Device Disappeared My Acne

After including no!no! Skin in my Gizmodo gift guide for obsessive groomers last year, the fine folks at no! no! sent me a test unit of their zit zapper. Even though the device is "FDA cleared," I was skeptical it would work on my face (yes I stil break out at my age, why god why?). I somehow figured I had extra… » 2/21/12 4:00pm 2/21/12 4:00pm

Scratching Your Ankle Is the Most Pleasurable Itch-Scratching Relief of…

Scientists have made the shocking discovery that it's your ankle, not your back, that feels the most awesome to scratch when you are itchy. » 1/27/12 1:20pm 1/27/12 1:20pm

How to Use Photoshop to Make Your Loved Ones Look Pretty These Holidays

This is a very simple, quick method to make everyone have beautiful skin in these holidays family photos, even if your family is on meth. I've used a variant of this method in the past years and it works perfectly. » 11/28/11 10:09am 11/28/11 10:09am

Stanford Develops Nanotube-Infused Artificial Skin for Robots and…

Man and machine might not be that different in the future—especially if they share the same synthetic skin being developed at Stanford University. » 10/25/11 12:00am 10/25/11 12:00am

Blackened, Dying Skin Is The Latest Cocaine Side Effect

Cocaine users are reportedly flooding hospitals with blackened, dying skin and compromised immune systems. The culprit is not the cocaine itself, but the white powder being used to cut the drug. » 8/24/11 1:30am 8/24/11 1:30am