Skitch Founder Admits That Skitch 2.0 Is a Catastrophe

When Evernote pushed out Skitch version 2.0, a lot of users were pissed that some of the screenshot app's popular features had been pared down. Two months later, many old-school Skitch users are refusing to come back, so Skitch co-founder and chief designer Keith Lang has posted an admission that Skitch really screwed… »11/21/12 5:29pm11/21/12 5:29pm

Skitch Brings Its Awesome Screenshot Making Skills to the iPad

Our favorite arrow drawing, circle creatin' screenshot annotation app for OS X, Skitch, is now on the iPad. It's pretty much like the desktop version of the app with options to easily draw on pictures, webpages, screenshots, maps or a blanks late. But since you're doing everything with your finger and not a mouse, … »12/22/11 10:07am12/22/11 10:07am