SkullCandy Double Agent Headphones Feature Built-in SD Slot, Bypass the…

These new SkullCandy Double Agent headphones are neat because they directly read from an SD card, without the price of Bluetooth headphones or the need for an MP3 player. They hold any size SD card, feature a rechargable battery, come in three colors, and have side controls. How or why these were kept so low profile… » 1/12/08 7:00pm 1/12/08 7:00pm

Skullcandy Bully MP3 Watches Given Fancy New Look

If you're searching for MP3-playing wristwear that's a bit more eye catching than nTren's MP3 watches from earlier today, Skullcandy's new Bully line looks pretty snazzy. Actually, aesthetics are the real reason to drop $200 on this MP3-playing, voice-recording set, since it lacks a bit in the features department: It… » 10/03/07 4:55pm 10/03/07 4:55pm