Armari eXtreme Concept Prototype is Liquid Nitrogen Cooled PC Beast

Armari's eXtreme Concept Prototype (XCP) super computer is made of some 100 uniquely designed parts, is either cooled by liquid nitrogen, liquid flurocarbon immersion or thermoelectric cooling and phase change, depending on the model's configuration and has the ability to run 24/7 without needing to shutdown. The XCP… »3/15/08 11:59pm3/15/08 11:59pm


Eight-Core Intel Skulltrail Motherboard Gets Official, Is the Biggest, Baddest, Gaming Motherboard Around

Speaking of crazy motherboards, Intel's absolutely insane Skulltrail motherboard officially launched at the Game Developers Conference today, renamed the Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform (blah). The Dual Extreme supports dual quad-core processors, and both ATI (Crossfire) and NVIDIA (SLI) graphics cards. In… »2/19/08 5:08pm2/19/08 5:08pm