Watch the Navy parachute team jump and land inside a baseball stadium

Because most of us will never take the literal leap of jumping off a damn plane, here's POV footage from the Leap Frogs aka the Navy's parachute team. For the San Diego Padre's home opener, the jumpers took off in a plane and landed right smack inside Petco Park. You can hear the roar of the crowd grow louder as they… » 4/04/14 11:34pm 4/04/14 11:34pm

A guy got knocked unconscious skydiving but somehow survived

Terrifying. Skydiving is already brown your pants scary when you're conscious. Imagine being unconscious while you're falling from 12,500 feet in the air. Think about all the horrible things that could happen. That's what happened to skydiver James Lee. Luckily, miraculously, thankfully, impossibly, he survived the… » 1/30/14 9:05pm 1/30/14 9:05pm

Pulling Your Parachute While You're Still on the Plane Is Not Fun

Wait for it. Wait for ittttt. Waaaitttt forrr itttt. Waai... and then boom, there it is. This poor guy accidentally deployed his parachute too early. So early that he was still on the plane. As you can imagine, he immediately got sucked out of the plane. It's like a scene from the movies, the parachute drags him out… » 5/08/13 7:07pm 5/08/13 7:07pm

Watch These Real-Life Supermen Wingsuit Dive Into Their Metropolis

When you go sky-diving, there's that all-important business of making sure you don't slam into the ground, but you also have to make sure you don't slam into anything protruding out of it. This pair of urban wingsuit daredevils who dove into Rio de Janeiro came damn close to the latter when they zipped through a small … » 3/16/13 10:00am 3/16/13 10:00am

Here's What Happens When You Accidentally Drop a GoPro From 12,500 Feet

Warning: If you're epileptic, you might want to pass on this video.
Everybody knows that GoPros are tough little suckers, but this one also seems to have had a little luck on its side. After falling 12,500 feet it not only survived completely unscathed, but also managed to capture its clumsy, skydiving owner's landing » 9/15/12 9:00am 9/15/12 9:00am

How You Photograph a Man Free Falling From the Edge Of Space

Felix Baumgartner's upcoming and record setting 22.7-mile skydive has been hyped and promoted to the point that most of us just want him to jump already. But here's one bit of hoopla we're actually nerding out over—a look at all the wonderful camera gear that will be documenting the free fall. » 7/30/12 3:40pm 7/30/12 3:40pm

Watching People Skydive in Slow Motion Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

I always imagined skydiving to be a frantic, chaotic experience. Okay, maybe you get 15 seconds of "whoa this looks cool" before panic sets in as you start zipping down the air and plummeting to earth—don't freak out, oh MY GOD PULL THE CORD, PULL THE EFFING CORD ALREADY YOU JOKESTER. This slow motion video, taken with… » 4/19/11 5:20pm 4/19/11 5:20pm