Microsoft Blames 16-Hour Email Outage on an Overheating Data Center

Microsoft's Outlook.com email service suffered a massive 16-hour outage yesterday, which saw users unable to access parts of SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Outlook, too. Microsoft has revealed that it was a result of a mischievous firmware upgrade—which caused "a rapid and substantial temperature spike in the datacenter". »3/14/13 4:31am3/14/13 4:31am

Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What's the Best Cloud Option?

Now that Google Drive is finally here and you can use it, the first question is simple: Is it better than the cloud service you're already using (or maybe considering using)? We haven't had the chance to put Google Drive through the wringer quite yet, but we can compare it to the competition on paper. »4/24/12 2:43pm4/24/12 2:43pm

Microsoft's New SkyDrive Apps Include a Preview for Mac OS X Lion

Microsoft is launching a couple of new SkyDrive apps making the cloud storage service available to more users on more platforms. Starting today, a preview version is available for the desktop, so if you're running Windows Vista, Windows 7, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and even Windows for Mac (OS X Lion), you can… »4/23/12 2:16pm4/23/12 2:16pm

Microsoft's Awesome SkyDrive Is on the iPhone Now (and Windows Phone)

Previously, if you weren't on Windows, you couldn't take full advantage of all the awesomeness that was in SkyDrive, Microsoft's neato cloud storage service. Not anymore! They've just released an iOS app that'll let you upload photos, files, documents and manage SkyDrive folders straight from your iPhone. »12/13/11 1:45pm12/13/11 1:45pm