Skyfire 4.0 for Android Now Costs Money to Play Video

Skyfire 4.0 for Android has some new customizable options in their 'Skybar', which is like a favorites menu that gives you quick access to Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Groupon, a "share" button and sports, news, and finance feeds. But! They're going to start charging Android users for their excellent video… » 4/21/11 1:34pm 4/21/11 1:34pm

Skyfire Lets You Watch Flash Video On Your iPhone

Apple's deigned to let Skyfire, an iOS browser that transcodes Flash videos into iPhone-friendly HTML5, into the App Store, and it's available there now. In my testing it worked pretty darn well. Yup, porntubes on the iPhone. Updated » 11/03/10 3:47pm 11/03/10 3:47pm

Skyfire Windows Mobile Browser 0.8 Beta Now Open

If you have been waiting patiently to try out the Skyfire browser » 10/29/08 2:30pm 10/29/08 2:30pm for Windows Mobile, now is your chance. The developers have opened up the to anyone with a Windows Mobile or Nokia N or E Series (3rd edition) phone in the US. Hit the following link to sign up. []

Skyfire Windows Mobile Browser 0.8 Improves Video Quality, Speed and…

Skyfire, the third-party Windows Mobile browser that does much of the desktop-class page rendering server side to spit out to your phone » 9/25/08 3:40pm 9/25/08 3:40pm, has just gotten an upgrade to version 0.8. Among the list of features that get bumped or added are video quality, launch speed and auto-reconnect, zooming, downloading of content…

Hands-on With Windows Mobile Skyfire Browser Beta 0.6

Skyfire just got its 0.6 update, bring with it a few more features (listed after the jump) and a bit of compatibility increase that makes it feel more like a real browser than it was even when we saw it at CTIA. The overall idea is the same: Skyfire servers render pages into image form, which then makes it onto your… » 5/06/08 3:30pm 5/06/08 3:30pm