This the Amazing Present and the Crazy Future of Dubai's Skyline

If you thought Shanghai's change from 1990s city to 2010s megalopolis was stunning, get ready for this: The crazy change from the present Dubai skyline—perhaps the awesomest amazing view to date—and its gigantastic future look: » 7/14/10 11:50pm 7/14/10 11:50pm

Nissan GT-R Detects When Car is on a Race Track, Disables Speed…

It's no secret Giz loves the GT-R. We consider it the unofficial car of Gizmodo, actually. So imagine our collective giddiness when we heard that the Japanese model has a feature that uses GPS to detect when it's on a race track, prompting the Engine Control Unit to disable the speed limiter (which holds the engine at… » 12/22/07 3:15pm 12/22/07 3:15pm