​Sex 'n Spas: The Future (And Not So Future) of In-Flight Entertainment

Careening through the air 30,000 feet above the ground in seats that get smaller every day are too cramped to recline can be a brutal experience. To help us cope, airlines have evolved sophisticated on-demand entertainment in the form of games, movies, internet, and the occasional backrub. Here's a look at some of… »11/29/13 10:00am11/29/13 10:00am

What Would Happen If People in the SkyMall Catalog Came to Life

If you've ever been bored as hell on a plane, which is to say every single person who has ever flown ever, you've definitely wondered who the heck buys anything from the totally unnecessary world of SkyMall. And if you got even more bored, shout out to cross country and international flights, you probably wondered… »3/11/13 11:20pm3/11/13 11:20pm

SkyMall Construction Radio/iPod Dock Is Almost Pointlessly Rugged

Not feeling enough like a real man with that Bose Portable SoundDock? Well roll up your sleeves past your biceps and grab hold of this Construction Radio and iPod dock. Not only does it snugly hold your iPod, but this 10-lb $130 hoss has a spotlight, two power outlets, an SD card slot and a USB jack for charging… »4/15/08 9:55am4/15/08 9:55am