First Skype TV Hands On

My first thought watching Skype be demonstrated on a 55" Panasonic Viera Cast TV was that it's going to be incredibly useful—though a bit laggy—way to keep in touch with family and friends. My second: Ac-TING! » 1/07/10 2:33pm 1/07/10 2:33pm

Skype Goes 720p, Jumps Onto LG and Panasonic HDTVs

Big news from Skype: They're making a push for better video quality, with both new HD webcams and software support, but that's not the biggest deal here. They're also partnering with LG and Panasonic for Skype-enabled HDTVs. » 1/05/10 12:02am 1/05/10 12:02am