Skype Premium subscribers will now get access to Skype Wi-Fi for free—The service allows you to connect to "more than one million hotspots worldwide" using only your Skype account. That means that for $5 a month, you'll (almost) never have to sign up for a random service in random place just to get online. » 8/01/13 4:44pm 8/01/13 4:44pm

Skype Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi in Airports for the Holidays

Skype's got a gift for all of you holiday travelers. From December 21st through December 27th Skype will be offering free wireless internet in more than 60 airports through Skype Wi-Fi. So when you inevitably miss your connection, you'll at least have something to do. » 12/19/11 2:09pm 12/19/11 2:09pm

Skype WiFi Gets Your iPhone Online at a Million Hotspots

Skype just rolled out Skype WiFi, the new name for its Skype Access hotspot plan, to iOS devices. The app lets you get online at more than a million hotspots, and pay for it on a per-minute basis. » 8/17/11 11:52am 8/17/11 11:52am