SkypeCast Redux

In an effort to get this SkypeCast thing working correctly before we actually begin bringing live people on—you know, cool people, unlike me just whimpering into a microphone—we'd like to invite you to another attempt at getting this bloody thing to work. Today we'll be giving out invites as well as a DLO Nanotube

Gizmodo Skypecast

As we mentioned before, we'll be attempting a SkypeCast today. We'll be giving out two MouseGrips during the broadcast... we'll tell you how during the discussion. Our topic will be next-gen DVD technologies and we want to hear from you all about what you will and won't buy when the time comes. You'll also get to talk…

Gizmodo Inaugural SkypeCast

I've set up a regular Skypecast that we'll attempt tomorrow at 12pm Eastern. We'll try to structure it around some topics, but if you have something to say to the Gizmodo team—technical questions, personal questions, or invitations to join in threesomes with our grandmothers—we're all ears. There might even be a…