Slacker Radio Redesigns Its Look to Entice the Pandora-Weary

Pandora is the leader in streaming music mostly because it got there first. But use it for a while, and you realize the service's catalog—not to mention its features—are limited. On paper, Slacker Radio is superior, and today, the five-year-old service is launching an overhaul aimed at proving it's superior. » 2/13/13 9:00am 2/13/13 9:00am

Sonos Updates Its Software—Promises Android Tablet Control, Spotify…

Sonos Inc, makers of wireless HiFi stereo systems, announced a system software update today that promises a host of new features as well as deeper integration with two of the Internet's largest streaming music providers. Here's what's new. » 11/30/11 3:01am 11/30/11 3:01am

No More Hardware Players from Slacker

Slacker's G2 player was pretty cool, but hardware from an online music service always seemed odd—especially when Slacker and Pandora apps are available for BlackBerries and the iPhone. So I'm not surprised that they're exiting the hardware biz. » 10/23/09 8:51am 10/23/09 8:51am

Slacker Radio Now Available for BlackBerry, Coming to iPhone Very Soon

Just after Slacker for BlackBerry quietly slid out of the gates yesterday, MobileCrunch caught up with a company rep at the ShowStoppers CES event and found out that the iPhone version isn't far behind. » 1/09/09 6:28am 1/09/09 6:28am

Slacker Desktop App Gives You More Control Over Your Tunes

Slacker fans are getting a little surprise this morning. The online radio station has just released a desktop app that lets you manage your entire music library while letting you make a few tweaks to the online version. Here's what's included. » 5/31/07 9:15am 5/31/07 9:15am