Slackers Stores Not Slacking on Wii Profit Margins [UPDATED]

The chaps at Ars Technica are reporting that Slackers stores, of Illinois and Missouri, are retailing their entire Wii stock on eBay, making a tidy $150 profit over the MSRP. According to an unnamed employee at Slackers, the stores are receiving a regular shipment of Wii consoles. Unfortunately, none of those are… » 12/22/07 6:15pm 12/22/07 6:15pm

Carry This Hammock With You, But Not Too Far

It's getting to be hammock season, and we want to assist you in your lazy, hazy and crazy activities for the summer, so what better idea than to show you this Discovery Deluxe Portable Hammock? Well, "luggable" might be a more accurate word, because the thing weighs 22 pounds. » 5/18/07 8:51am 5/18/07 8:51am